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The following table lists the projects I have been working on as a team member.

2004/01 -

Development of solutions and Add-Ins for Microsoft Excel in the financial industry.

Languages: VBA, Visual Basic .NET, Visual C++
Tools: Microsoft Office Excel 2003

2003/11 -

Development of a user interface with SAP Netweaver on a web services interface
to a Microsoft SQL Server database.

Languages: Java, C#, XML
Tools: SAP Web Application Server, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003

2003/07 -

Insurance document automation using MS .NET and XML technology.

- Automatic generation and editing of documents using the XML features of MS Word 2003
- Application of an XSLT stylesheet after editing of documents (back transformation)

Languages: C#, XML, XSLT
Tools: MS Visual Studio .NET 2003, MS Word 2003,
COM/ActiveX Viewer Components, .NET Webservices, .NET Remoting

2003/05 -

Supplier management using MS .NET technology.

- Data migration to SQL Server, .NET datasets
- Webservice extensions (encryption and binary attachments)
- Office automation (generation of contracts using MS Word mail merge)
- C# Windows client with automatic updates
- Installation (registry, .NET client security configuration)

Languages: C#
Tools: MS Visual Studio .NET 2003, MS SQL Server 2000,
IIS 5.0/6.0, MS Word XP/2003, MS Visual Source Safe

2003/03 -

Webdesign of a corporate homepage.
- Corporate identity
- Explanation of components by animation

Languages: ActionScript, HTML, CSS, Javascript
Tools: Macromedia Flash MX, MS Visual Studio .NET, MS ISA Server,
IIS, MS Visual Source Safe

2002/10 -

Sending of Insurance proposals via MS Biztalk 2002.

- Using Biztalk for Insurance integration and workflow
- Writing an Application Integration Component (AIC)

Languages: C#, XML
Tools: MS Biztalk 2002, Visio, COM

1999/05 -

Development of object oriented insurance software.

Group insurance (company pension scheme).
Management, checking and printing of documents.

Languages: Java, HTML, XML, UML
Operating System: Windows

1995/10 -

Development of systems software for high speed printers.

Translation of XEROX LCDS to IBM AFP

Languages: COBOL and C
Operating System: SCO UNIX

1991/04 -

Test of systems software for programming languages.

Compiler quality assurance

Languages: COBOL, C and C++
Operating Systems: UNIX and BS2000